Our history...

In 1978 the company was founded Micronova Ltd. of Rome. Formed initially by a group of four associate, after a few months, the Company was reduced to just two associate and remained so until today.

The initial site was placed in Largo R. Pettazzoni - Rome. Here were the first systems developed for the high-tech era (although today, the phrase makes you smile), who employed the logic functions in addition also the first chips to microprocessor (μP SCAMP and a few others) with which it was possible via firmware (assembler) managing systems.

With this technology (C-MOS LSI) were designed and built the first systems to test Psychosomatic which data were supplied to all compartments of the State Railways.

Soon after they were made Videoronda systems; first used by the Banco di Roma and Banco di Santo Spirito and then for over fifteen years by the Bank of Italy in more than 80 branches.

Later they were made of the Telephones Concentrators, which over time have been gradually implemented as hardware and firmware, and still are in production.

Also at the site of Largo R. Pettazzoni, were developed and manufactured systems for the branch data Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, which will use more than one thousand units in its data centers.

In those years were more innovative products for the time, as a central alarm, high-performance evaluation systems telephone traffic and others. Another important product was VideoBorsa our system (M80 & M90). This apparatus was offering to the various operators of the stock exchange (multiple banks) to buy and sell equities using real-time telematics information.

All these developments made it possible to train as our Technical Team.

In 1990, the Micronova was moved to larger premises in Via L. Cremani, 12 - in the industrial zone of Romanina, 2 University of Rome, which still operate (see photo below).

In the new building have been renovated a few already existing equipment. Also in recent years have been designed and produced for the sector of innovative Electro Magnetic therapy. In the area of ​​Psychosomatic Test, have been designed and manufactured the new portable systems for control of reaction time, the latter adopted by the Italian Army (more than 100 centers), Air Force, the Navy, the Police Schools and other sectors.

HighTech additional systems, such as video inspection systems Pantographs (VIP), required a strong experience and professionalism to solve the problems that the project presented. However with our tenacity and professionalism that sets us apart, we were able to achieve in 1999 the first prototype version of the Analog State Railways. In the following years has been redesigned, transforming the system from analog to digital. Currently the systems are installed on the Italian Railway Network for 2 / 3, and within the entire 2014 network will be completed for RFI SpA, and Trenitalia deposits, thereby offering a prevention on the state of pantographs for the entire Italian Rail Network.

Our current studies are directed to the development of hardware / software solutions for the transport railways world in which we have gained a strong experience both in the phone is in remote control.

This did not make us lose sight of other areas, believed to be promising, such as automation systems, security systems, high technology, telemetry and telecontrol systems, as well as the field of Electro, the latter particularly for branches Surgery and Therapeutic non-invasive treatment.

Lately, thanks to our experience, we have also embarked on the path of Mechatronics.

The Know-How achieved, is the result of our experience and professionalism, which has instilled confidence in customers in our company, trust shown to us repeatedly with the continued involvement for resolution of issues concerning various Electronic sectors. This has spurred a growing commitment to finding new solutions HighTech able to meet the needs of the end customer.

Finally, our company has a technical team with over 33 years of experience and considerable know-how, that make products on the customer's technical specification.