Railway and Telecommications
UK Language  

Personal plus - for Railway


          Telephone system for Railway 


UK Language

Personal plus - Custom Telephone


          Custom Telephone for : Ministries, Railway, Banks, Defence Authorities.


UK Language Railway        System railway for video inspection pantographs
System of Selective Telephony        This Modular system of Selective Telephony, allows to connect 
       online an elevated number of Operating Places of Station and
       Watertight Boxes; gestibili according to the necessities of the
       Railway Stations that of the relative center Operational Center of

       Besides it allows of usufruire of different Typologies of Services  
       (Dispatcher - Maintenance - Switching) in independent way.

Personal Plus - with open Gate


       Telephone with open Gates, TVcc, Lift, Intercom .  


  Personal Plus - Diffusion to communicate  

        Telephone for Railway Station, with  Diffusion to communicate


UK Language


Weatherproof and Telephone S.O.S.

       Weatherproof box Telephone ( BCA BC BL ) for Railway, S.O.S.  

       Custom  Telephone  S.O.S. for Railway and Road. 


Telephone for studios Radio & TV


       Custom Telephone for studios Radio & TV







       INTERFACCIA  ISA - DS (Infonodo)




             Amplification Sistems  Low-Fq


  Extending IEEE 1394


      Repeater IEEE1394 con Optical Transceiver

           optical repeater 1.000 mt


Diffusion to communicate


          Telephone for Railway Station, with  Diffusion to communicate



Tele-Diffusion to communicate



Tele-Diffusion to communicate for Railway Station



Power ATPS


             Power Box for  Rack   - ATPS




Rack 19 "  DCE - TTY

    DCE  with  TTY (linea Telegrafica)

     RACK 19"  and Desk




Supervisor systems

            Custom Unit Supervisor for automation system.



Safety Unit  M 3000

           Safety Unit to Patrol .
      Safety to patrol - M 3000           Safety sistems to Patrol

          Custom - telemetry for any applications



                                                 Test Psychosomatic


UK  Language






    NUOVO apparato completamente AUTOMATICO;  pertanto di SEMPLICE impiego, che offre  una  efficace e valida terapia.

UK  Language  




Test simple and complex stimulus

    Stand-alone sistems: Test simple and complex

    for driving licence


Notebook-Test simple and

complex stimulus

          Notebook PC with test simple and complex stimulus

          for driving licence


Test manual co-ordination

           Notebook PC with test manual co-ordination.

Test dazzle  

           Notebook PC with test dazzle.

Test visual memory

           Notebook PC with test visual memory.

Test trembling

           Notebook PC with test trembling.

Psychosomatic portable system

          Test: simple and complex stimulus, manual co-ordination, dazzle, visual memory,




           Custom panel: 

           LCD, LED, VACUUM, REFLECTIVE technology.


Digital Clocks

           Custom: digital clocks,  scoreboards.
  LCD TFT Teleinformation            Custom : LCD TFT  Teleinformation

                                                   Custom Product


Custom Systems

          Stand-Alone system, card, custom software for Windows - Linux.